Value-Engineering is our priority

Our overriding design objective is to create value-focused products that help our customers succeed. To that end, we provide customization options that span the economic gamut-from simple modification of our existing line of products, to bringing your new idea to life.

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Customize/Alter an existing product

This is the most economical method to get a custom product that suits your specific application. Because we already produce a wide variety of products, we can make necessary changes to most closely match your needs quickly and economically. All products are already designed to be fully maintainable so long-term cost is mitigated.


  • Quick design turnaround

  • Little or no engineering costs

  • Manufacturing can be integrated into current production tooling

  • Accelerated production since many parts may already be in inventory and processes are minimally impacted

  • Standardized components (that are the same as the originating product) are readily available for routine maintenance

Custom engineer a completely new product

When there is just nothing else that will satisfy your needs, we can develop a completely new product that will get the job done. Our skilled engineersĀ  can custom create a product that will meet your requirements, but is also optimized for production and maintenance.


  • Complete control over the design objectives

  • Proprietary access to all aspects of your CUSTOM product

  • Optional use of alternative third-party components

  • Skilled and experienced engineers